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Corporate Services

M3TECH provides the following Business Solutions to our prestigious Corporate Clients

IMP Solutions by M3Tech are categorized as services, which are designed and formulated specifically for the client. The clientele varies between industries such as Securities Firms, Banks, FMCG's Insurance companies, etc. as well as independent corporations who wish to provide an efficient and effective mode of communication between them and their members/clients.

Whilst as SMS Transporter, the Interactive Option in IMP Solution provides our client with the option of having its clients/members retrieve information from their database via SMS. Hence, this provides a more pro-active approach to their business, whereby their clients are accessible to important and urgent information at all times through SMS.

Most importantly, IMP is a smart solution that is flexible to suit any business requirements. The M3Tech Interactive Mobile Platform (IMP) offers businesses and enterprises premium connectivity with all major Mobile Network Operators in Pakistan while connecting with over 170 mobile networks Globally, enabling them to take benefit of M3Tech's IMP mobile service for their customers whereby overcoming the hurdles of communicating with multiple service providers at different locations


Interactive SMS Campaign


The capability of interactive SMS, upon which M3Tech IMP Solution is built, offers a breakthrough to develop SMS as a business solution tool with wide application.

Interactive SMS can be use in various different environments i.e. securities, insurance, freight forwarding, retail plus many other business scenarios that require two (2) way communication between corporations and their customers/subscribers.

M3Tech has developed the following business solutions which are being used for the past 2 years by some of the leading organizations in Asia:

  • M3 SMS Banking
  • M3 SMS Insurance
  • M3 SMS Stock
  • M3 SMS Financials
  • M3 SMS HR
  • M3 SMS Education
  • M3 SMS Property
  • M3 SMS Marketing
  • M3 SMS Auction
  • M3 SMS Recruitment
  • M3 SMS Health
  • M3 SMS Classified
  • M3 SMS Travel
  • M3 SMS Tourism
  • M3 SMS Payments
  • M3 SMS ATM
  • M3 SMS Parking
  • M3 SMS Ticketing
M3Tech's M-Portal Suite allows enterprises to stay connected with their employees, customers, prospects, vendors, suppliers through the highly cost effective and high impact medium of Messaging or commonly known as 'Texting'. M-Portal Suite's simple design and user friendly web interface provides users with scalable, flexible and high performance messaging services.
  • Helps you extend the customer service channel
  • Reduces cost of communication without compromising speed
  • Provides a highly interactive channel for the products needs of each individual customer
  • Provides a secure and personal channel for your customers to access your services.
  • Enables anywhere, anytime service
  • Enables you to provide Flexible services according to your customers personalized needs
  • Gives you and your customers enhanced convenience to communicate and interact
  • Provides a simple service easily adoptable by your customers
  • Provides you a reliable media to offer quality services