App Capabilities
  • Call Web service to fetch and Display ad or any other Images to reduce size of the Application
  • Access Camera directly from the App or pick an Image from the Photo Album
  • Use Media Player for accessing audio files
  • Use Video Player for Playing Videos with Customized Controls inside the App
  • Social Media integration like FB, Twitter
  • Can Zip/Unzip the files and read the Folders from Unzip files
  • Can save customized Images to the Gallery / Photo Album
  • Send email with attachment from the App
  • Send SMS and make Calls from the App
  • Can gather information that resides in the SIM, like IMSI no, telco number, mobile MISDN if available in SIM
App Categories

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Business Business Fun Fun Health care Health Care
Game Game Utility Utility eMagzine E-Magazine / E-Book
weather Weather travel Travel education Education